I wrote/directed/acted in the multi award-winning comedy crime film, “Cordial Kill” completed in October 2017.



I currently host a podcast called TEXTURE.

I used to co-host a podcast with my friend Andy called Ink & Echo.

A Tribute to Lars Von Trier

I cut together a 3-minute tribute to my favorite director:


Below are pieces of fiction I've written, some self-published, some published by others. The books' images are links to purchase each one digitally as an eBook, or in some cases, in print. Organized chronologically, most recent to oldest. I used to publish under the pen name "Doctor Gaines," but no longer do.

I created the cover art for all but “Michigan, Ten Cents” and “The Shot.”

ART / ILLUSTRATION / physical media:

Someone once told me that my artwork was "coherent, at least," which I believe was an insult & a compliment mixed into one. Here are some of the things I've drawn, painted, screen-printed, made by hand or designed on archaic free editing software.


I wrote some non-fiction music articles for Vinyl Me, Please, a monthly record subscription club. The images are links to articles on each artist.


early VIDEOS:

So, listen: these are dated,  were made by a version of me that was just a lil' fella with fewer resources, so absorb them with a grain of salt. They, like all things, are products of their time. Still, I am proud of them for what they are. They exemplify where I was at in life at the time.

Official music video for Abraham the Poor's 'Quelle Horreur!' from the 2011 album, "After the Flood, Into the Wild." Directed by Hannah Macpherson & produced by David Ferry Jr. for Lindele Media. I am the gentleman with a live rat in his mouth.

Stop-motion music video for "Future Homes" by Abraham the Poor, animated by hand using only household items and a Hi8 home camcorder.


Abraham the Poor was my band in Albuquerque, New Mexico that began in 2008 as me on an acoustic guitar & eventually grew to include a handful of regular members including Andy Othling of Lowercase Noises. The song "Anezka" features Levi the Poet. I produced these albums with the help of some friends, played shows around New Mexico & toured the Southwest.

I was a young & very different man than I am today when I made these records & while I presently find many of the lyrics too overtly religious in tone, I am still proud of what was accomplished through these songs & this band.

"After the Flood, Into the Wild" by Abraham the Poor - January 2011.

"The Pumpkin Patch Cabin EP" by Abraham the Poor - September 2008


In my early twenties, I drew a Tumblr-based comic strip based on the Harry Potter novels & films that received some notable fanfare in the Potter community. I am less than pleased with my artwork on these, however, something about their humor & charm connected with people. While these are quite silly & more effort should have been put into the artwork, in an embrace of my “whole person” & with a kind lens to my younger self, I believe these still warrant inclusion here.